The Microsoft
NGO-Tour 2022

A step towards more digitalization in the NGO sector

Microsoft and Alpha Variance Solutions

Digitalization is all around us and has proven critical to companies and organizations across industries and sectors. As companies have maximized their efficiency, productivity and processes, NGO’s and NPO’s can use digitalization to increase their efficiency and ultimately increase their social impact.

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After a decade of providing successful implementation services to Fortune 500 clients, Alpha Variance Solutions was founded by Ms. Yuanming Chu in New York City. Since 2015, AVS has grown within the Microsoft eco-system to become a Gold ERP/CSP Partner with offices in Germany, Bangalore and New York City.

Recognized as a top-tier Partner solving the most complex issues for our clients around the world. We are proud to be in partnership with Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact team in the service of organizations that are part of the solution.

Alpha Variance Solutions has had the privilege of working in partnership with some of the largest and most respected Not-For-Profit organizations in the world i.e. Metropolitan Museum of Art and Tessitura.

Our selection and involvement has been a result of our interest in sharing knowledge and enabling these great organizations to benefit from modernization and technology in ways that extend their reach, enhance their capabilities and increase their social impact.

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Participation in the Microsoft NGO Tour 2022 is free of charge and without obligation for you! We are excited to see you there! You can already make a note for the tour dates.