Training & Development

Successful implementations depend on people; they must be prepared, advised and trained properly and in a cost effective and timely manner.  Alpha Variance Solutions offers comprehensive training solutions that can be customized and delivered in a variety of formats: Instructor-led, asynchronous or blended.


The Problem with Change 

“Change, as it is usually orchestrated, creates initiative overload and organizational chaos, both of which provoke strong resistance from the people most affected.”

                                                                           Eric Abrahamson, Author of Change Without Pain


We are business people who understand that an ERP implementation should not change the way you do business,

 it should enhance the way you do business.


Change Management:

We are nothing without our people.


Alpha Variance believes that success ultimately depends on the preparation and dedication of our people.  Too many times companies fail to plan for the proper training of their people; while planning for processes, structures, systems and implementations of which, people are at the very center alongside cultures and social networks.

We will work with your team to craft a training program that is comprehensive, modular, and flexible.  We will target critical learning objectives and create learning paths for the spectrum of learners in your organization. 


Based on Implementation goals and future state requirements we will make certain that your people are a part of the process and are not left behind.

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