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Alpha Variance Solutions specializes in Microsoft Dynamics implementation plans for businesses of all sizes. We have worked with small and medium-sized businesses as well as Fortune-500 companies to execute customized, well-planned MS Dynamics implementation projects. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and are certified in Microsoft Dynamics D365 for Retail and Professional Services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest bundle of ERP and CRM software. It’s the first In-Cloud offering in an effort to compete with leading competitors in the same space. The CRM package is called the Customer Engagement Plan while the ERP package, formerly known as MS Dynamics AX, is now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. You may hear a reference to Finance & Operations in place of the full name. The programs contain Core modules that include sales, HR, finance, marketing, customer service, and more. 

Dynamics 365 was recently deemed as a Leader in the CRM and Sales Force Automation categories by Gartner. It was also deemed a Leader for the ERP Technology Value Matrix by Nucleus Research. In their report Nucleus Research states “Microsoft focuses on the roles within an organization regardless of industry, delivering the capabilities users need to address financial performance, manufacturing processes and procedures, business logistics and supply chain, and regulatory compliance, all while looking to facilitate intelligent investment in innovation by customers.”

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 As Your ERP System?

Businesses prefer Microsoft as their provider of ERP software because of Microsoft’s reputation as a software company and it’s well established group of support and implementation partners. Microsoft’s first ERP software, Axapta (where Dynamics AX’s name originates), was released in 1998. They have continued to update and release ERP systems. During the past twenty-two years, the systems have continued to improve and Microsoft has continued to grow its network of partners. Microsoft qualifies its partners, like Alpha Variance Solutions, to be a trusted source and granted partner status such as Silver, Gold based on performance.  

Another obvious benefit many companies like about using Dynamics 365 is how easy it integrates with other Microsoft applications such as Office 365, Power BI, and Azure IoT Hub. In recent years and with these other applications, Microsoft has focused on reducing the need for data scientists and developers to use Dynamics 365. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes modules for Sales, Marketing, Service, Finance and Operations, Retail, Commerce, Human Resources, and AI. Any combination of these may be used by a business. The modules are designed to work together and fulfill cross-functional needs. 

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Implementing a new ERP is no easy task. Within all sizes of business, ERP implementation failures are more common than you might think. That is because a successful implementation requires long-term planning and strategy, commitment, and good communication. During the process clear roles are essential. A business as a whole must be aware of the commitment they are making and provide proper support. 

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner provides 24/7 support and experience in planning and execution to make the process a success. They won’t make it easy but they will definitely make it easier. Just as every business is unique, every implementation plan is unique. Dynamics 365 offers a range of modules and applications. It is important to figure out what applications will be utilized the most as a whole and how each division of a business and the applications it will be using will work together. There are many cross-functional needs to consider. Just as Dynamics 365 is highly customizable, so should an implementation plan be highly customized. Alpha Variance has worked with companies of all sizes and has experience with many of the hiccups that may come up during an implementation. We can suggest which components to focus on and how best to integrate them.

Planning For Dynamics Implementation

When preparing and planning for a change in ERP, it is important to not only know where your business stands currently but also where your business is headed. ERP software and applications should be able to grow with your business and not just numerical growth. New processes and data are always being created. You want a solution that will enhance your company’s growth and evolution, not inhibit them. We go in with the mindset that implementing Dynamics 365 is not merely a switch, but an upgrade and an opportunity for improvement. 

We have worked with companies large and small to implement and integrate Dynamics 365. Most workers may experience up to two or three ERP or CRM changes in their lifetime. We have experienced hundreds. We know what a successful implementation takes. It is extremely helpful to have a partner who can gauge the timing of a project.

Alpha Variance Solutions' Dynamics 365 Implementation Team Include:


Project Managers that come in to analyze normal business operations and determine the various cost-effective ERP Implementation options that yield beneficial outcomes.


Application Consultants as well as IT Specialists and Developers that utilize Alpha Variance Solutions ERP platform to integrate into development by customizing applications and software designed for the company’s ERP goals and particular needs.


Support Specialists continue to work Post Go-Live, the ERP Implementation is given the approval to guide the business’ own team towards becoming experts


System Analysts monitor data in real-time to better streamline effectiveness for desired results. Updates are made more accurately and timely for quicker feedback and evaluation. 


Solution/Technical Architects oversee the solution blueprinting of the Dynamics 365 project.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Strategy

Conference Room Pilot (CRP)

Conference room pilot CRP methodology is a blend of agile and waterfall and can smartly use this to achieve goals of all sizes, big or small. This is widely used and accepted for various cloud-based initiatives. Conference Room Pilot (CRP) is very similar to a prototyping model.

Features of a CRP methodology: CRP methodology levers pilots, wherein each pilot is designed to target a specific stage, event, or business process of the enterprise during an implementation and should determine the success or failure.

It's a recurring approach and is well utilized when a larger goal is divided into many manageable goals. It's a progressive approach that brings in smaller time to value in implementations and ensures early acceptance of a solution.

MS dynamics 365 implementation strategy
Conference room pilot method

Benefits of Using CRP in Implementations:

  • Confirms and validates your understanding of business scenarios and requirements

  • Less change management

  • Higher adoption rate of incremental solution

  • Validated proposed solution with early feedback

  • Quicker go-lives

  • Iterative effort


This methodology is good in select scenarios such as development, support, enhancements, etc. However, for a greenfield initiative of implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, this may not always be so useful. When the project duration is short and goals are clearly defined and non-changeable, this methodology will be found useful.

dynamics agile implemenation method
ms dynamics waterfall implementation method


This is a traditional methodology, which banks on clearly defined stages and deliverables, and often is used when the duration of the project is longer. This methodology carries some risk and in contract to agile and CRP, the output is not seen early enough. Usually big bang project initiatives in implementing ERP have seen using this one. In the modern cloud world, getting early stakeholder buy-in is key to high adoption of new ERP and also benefits in managing change within an organization.

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