CIOReview Highlights Alpha Variance Solutions

Having made the 2017 list of the "20 Most Promising Microsoft Dynamics Solution Providers," CIOReview added an article to their site about Alpha Variance Solutions.

Following is the text of the article, and you can also view the article on CIOReview here

Alpha Variance Solutions, LLC: The Microsoft Dynamics Visionaries

The year was 2015, after a decade of providing successful implementation services to Fortune 500 clients, Yuanming Chu, the President of Alpha Variance Solutions. LLC (AVS) founded the company on three key principles: expertise, agility, and integrity. So how does her firm manage to inject these ethics into the Microsoft Dynamics Solutions that they offer? Yuanming answers, “We help organizations carry out dynamics ax implementations in a way that lessens the re-work, time loss and revenue waste associated with bad planning. With scalability, data integrity and security as the core focus at the beginning of the process; the result can only be optimum effectiveness within our clients’ technology landscape”

AVS enables businesses to embark on a digital transformation journey that is driven by their solutions and services spread throughout the Microsoft ecosystem which includes enterprise application products, such as Dynamics 365 and Azure. “AVS is driven to deliver our services in comprehensive, hands-on, and enabling format. We are not out there handing out fish, feeding our clients for a day; we are teaching them how to fish and living beyond the software development lifecycle!”

At its core, AVS is a Microsoft ERP implementer with expertise revolving around tailoring solutions and services according to their retail and professional services clients’ existing systems. The firm follows Microsoft SureStep Methodology closely in all partner services such as full lifecycle implementation, Post Go-Live support, and Project Rescue as well as Post Go-Live enhancement.

What makes AVS stay ahead of the competitive curve, is their ability to deliver a boutique consulting model that addresses the client’s core concerns. AVS is extremely agile and responsive to clients’ issues, concerns, and challenges. The firm is well regarded due to the many years of implementation delivery experience that Yuanming and her team had as senior resources working with many Gold Partners.

Another critical aspect of the model is that AVS offers an uninterrupted staffing structure which ensures that the same theme is followed throughout the process. Yuanming informs, “Our deep industry knowledge enables us to solve our clients’ issues and challenges, which other large vendors are unable to address. Partnership means everything to AVS, we are respectful of the confidence that our clients place in our abilities.”

2017 has been a great year for AVS as Microsoft has come out with a richer and broader solution portfolio benefiting its partners and clients. As a Microsoft partner and a certified cloud service provider, AVS is working with multiple ISVs to provide a comprehensive service menu to their clients, which includes offshore-onshore development, post-implementation support, project rescue, change management and advisory services. AVS’ roadmap is chock-full of plans to continue extending their offshore development and client support centers in India and China.

Yuanming also glimpses at her ambition to promote women in technology. “I want to do my part to have an impact on young women, who I know can thrive in this industry. I believe providing encouragement is only one aspect of the solution, being a leader, being involved and being aware goes a long way,” she concludes.