ERP Project Rescue

Unsuccessful ERP implementations are not uncommon. Without proper planning and a disciplined approach to project execution, many businesses find themselves not achieving their ERP goals.

The AVS ERP Project Rescue service is a specialty service for existing projects that have gone off the rails. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your current implementation partner or your completed Dynamics 365 project isn’t delivering the expected results, we can get things back on track and bring the project to a successful conclusion.

ERP Project Rescue

ERP Project Rescue: The AVS Way

Correcting a failing or failed ERP project is tricky, but AVS has the tools, experience, and expertise to pull it off. Here’s how:


  • Evaluation of the current state of the project
  • Understanding the original project goals and business objectives
  • Gap analysis between current and desired state
  • Analysis of organizational and technical issues

Recovery Planning

  • Development of strategic and tactical plans to recover the project
  • Understanding the client’s business processes and pain points
  • Obtaining buy-in from all stakeholders
  • Setting priorities for execution


  • Correcting architectural deficiencies
  • Addressing configuration errors
  • Completing or replacing customizations
  • Engaging stakeholders for continuous feedback


  • Preparing users to be productive on Day 1
  • Developing reference materials


  • Rollout planning to minimize disruption
  • Post-implementation monitoring for performance and functionality issues


  • Post-implementation hyper care
  • Ongoing helpdesk services
  • Change and release management

Advantages of AVS for ERP Rescue Services

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Extensive Rescue Project Experience

AVS consultants have many years of experience in ERP rescue projects. We’ve seen everything that can go wrong with a Dynamics 365 implementation project and we know how to fix it.

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Addressing Both Technical and Organizational Issues

Not all ERP project failures are caused by technical issues. Often the cause is a lack of project support or discipline by the client, implementation partner, or both. AVS knows how to recognize and address these organizational issues.

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A Strategic Approach to ERP Project Rescue

Alpha Variance Solutions uses a standard approach to ERP project rescue that identifies and corrects technical and organizational issues and provides a roadmap for success.

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