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Sustainability is something that affects every one of us. We have taken different steps for more sustainability in the Tech-world. There are various angles on this, from supporting NGOs in their digital transformation to ultimately increase their social impact and supporting women in the tech industry to fostering sustainable growth and innovation. Naturally, we cannot support efforts in every area of sustainability. Therefore, as a global company, we have chosen targeted, specific goals that will help us develop a whole approach to ultimately have a positive impact on our environment.

Our Thoughts and Goals

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“As a company, transparency and openness have always driven our client engagement strategies. We believe these sustainability goals and measurable, long-term, and explicit metrics should be reported in the same spirit that has guided our client engagements and outcomes.”

Yuanming Chu, President and Founder | AVS
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IT Time Podcast

IT Time is a podcast focusing on various topics from women in tech to social impact and emerging trends in the technology industry. Our first season we dedicated solely to women in the Tech industry. Discussed their stories, career paths and actions to support women in STEM.

Microsoft NGO Tour 2022

Digitalization is all around us and has proven critical to companies and organizations across industries and sectors. As companies have maximized their efficiency, productivity, and processes, NGOs and NPOs can use digitalization to increase their efficiency and ultimately increase their social impact. Learn more about our efforts in the NGO sector in this article.

Read Our Sustainability Reports

As a company, we believe that these actions come hand in hand with measurable, long-term, and explicit goals while ensuring transparency and openness. Thus, when committing to a more sustainable approach in our company, there was no question but to publish a half-yearly sustainability report. In these reports, we openly highlight our achievements but are equally transparent about improvement points. Becoming a sustainable company from different angles is progress, we are aware will take time and effort. This progress our company has done regarding our sustainable efforts is published in the reports below.











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