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We are led by a creative team, that constantly challenges the status quo, asks
questions, and uses creativity to find outside-the-box solutions.

Yuanming Chu

President & founder
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Federico Shephard

Sr. Vice President
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Rupal Singh

Managing Director India
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Jan Schmitz

Managing Director-EU
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Nishant Sekhar

Director of DevOps / Managed Services
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Rohit Mehandiratta

Sr. Technical Manager
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Archana Madani

Project Manager
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Neha Mishra

Principal Consultant
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Monisha Panchatcharam

Human Resource Manager
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Vishnu Gupta

Technical Team Lead
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Prashanth Titus Dsouza

Technical Team Lead
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Ajeta Krishnatre

Associate Functional Consultant SCM EU
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Michelle McGrath

Associate Functional Consultant F & O US
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Jasper Grimbo

Project Manager EU
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Laawanyaa Nadendla

Associate Functional Consultant F&O US
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Sven Pfaffmann

Project Manager EU
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Our Team

At AVS, we are proud to be working with a talented team that is constantly growing,
and their exceptional accomplishments are a joy to witness every day!


Sanka Gopi Krishna

Rahul R

Mamtha V

Mondi Rama Krishna

Abishek R

Prashanth Titus

James Francis

Vishnu Gupta

Guruprasad D

Hemanth T

Rohith V

Sayana K

Sneha N

Samjith S

Vijay Kumar

Vanaja Sabbisetti

Alpha Variance Solutions Culture

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