Development Services

Development Services

Few businesses use industry-standard best practices for everything they do. Sometimes “best practices” are not optimal for a given business process. And sometimes the cost and risk of switching to a best practice outweigh the advantages of doing so.

Most ERP systems are designed to support standard business practices. For those times when a client cannot or will not adopt a standard practice, AVS can develop custom add-on solutions that work in harmony in the Dynamics 365 environment.

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The AVS Approach to Custom Solution Development

AVS has built a development approach, based on the Agile development methodology, that produces secure, usable customized ERP functionality to support your unique business processes.

Complete Requirements Documentation

  • Deep-dive sessions with stakeholders to understand business and functional requirements
  • Exploration of different user types and their needs and pain points
  • High-level design discussions


  • User interface prototypes shared with stakeholders to ensure their expectations are understood
  • Multiple iterations during the development cycle

Development and Testing

  • Solutions developed using Agile principles
  • In-cycle testing to eliminate bugs and performance issues

User Training

  • Dedicated training sessions for the end users
  • Job aids and other end-user documents

Advantages of AVS Development Services

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Extensive Dynamics 365 Development Experience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was designed to accommodate customizations. AVS developers have long experience working in the Dynamics 365 environment and know the best practices for custom module development.

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Deep Industry Knowledge

Alpha Variance Solutions developers have deep knowledge in the retail and professional services industries and understand the special needs of ERP system users in those areas.

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A Commitment to Quality

AVS developers rely on interaction and feedback discussions with the stakeholders during the development cycle. This ensures the requirements are understood and the users’ expectations are being met. The result is high-quality custom solutions.

Learn More About AVS Development Services

We enjoy discussing our development services with clients. To learn more about how we develop custom ERP solutions, contact us at the link below.