Training & Development

At Alpha Variance Solutions, Training and Development is not just an idea or an afterthought, it is a key driver of the success of your company’s implementation. That is why training and development is built into every project.

Alpha Variance Solutions has a team of experts who will work with you to determine your company’s needs, crafting a comprehensive training program that is tailored to the learners in your organization.

We are business people who understand that an ERP implementation should not change the way you do business, it should enhance the way you do business.

The Problem with Change

Organizational change, such as adopting new business support software tools, can be daunting or even frightening to end users. Our training and development services put your users at ease and prepare them to be productive on Day 1.

“Change, as it is usually orchestrated, creates initiative overload and organizational chaos, both of which provoke strong resistance from the people most affected.”

Eric Abrahamson, Author of Change Without Pain

ERP Basic Training

  • High-level training on ERP concepts and benefits
  • Overview of Dynamics 365

Standard Dynamics 365 Processes

  • Specific training on standard Dynamics 365 business processes
  • Terminology and user-interface conventions

Business-Specific Training

  • Training on specific client business process
  • Training on customized modules

Reporting and Analytics

  • How to get the most value from your ERP system through reporting and analytics
  • Training on standard and custom reports
  • Leveraging business intelligence tools

Technical Training

  • System administration
  • Performance tuning
  • Security

Update Training

  • Training on Dynamics 365 updates and functional enhancements
  • New module implementation

Advantages of AVS Training and Development Services

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Custom Training Based on Your Needs

We work with your team to craft a training program that is comprehensive, modular, and flexible. We target critical learning objectives and create learning paths for the spectrum of learners in your organization.

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A Full Range of Training Options

We can train everyone from new users who have never seen an ERP system before to IT staff who need detailed technical training, and everyone in between.

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Continuing Training

ERP systems constantly grow and evolve, adding new features and functionality. Similarly, business needs change as they grow. The need for ERP training never stops, and AVS training resources are there to help.

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Training as Part of Implementation

Implementation projects are a massive undertaking and rely on the preparation and dedication of the people within the organization. Alpha Variance Solutions will work with your team to design a tailored Training and Development plan for your organization.

Learn More About AVS Training and Development

To learn more about our many training and user development options, contact AVS today at the link below.