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Alpha Variance Solutions has always strived to provide simplicity in all matters of technology. That’s why we’re proud to present our new Microsoft Licensing Program which makes licensing Microsoft products easier than ever before. As a Microsoft CSP Partner, Alpha Variance Solutions is able to sell a wide range of Microsoft products and services such as Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Azure. 


Unlike other Microsoft CSP Partners, Alpha Variance Solutions helps customers to realize the most cost-effective and impactful applications of their Microsoft license purchases. Whether you need enterprise-wide access and distribution of your license purchase, or directed and target usage options, our team can help to craft a plan according to your organization’s specific needs. By creating a licensing plan specific to what you need, we lower costs and make the software license purchasing process simpler.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Made Simple.

Alpha Variance Solutions’ comprehensive License offerings are here!

We can walk you through the essential purchase options that will result in the most cost savings and impactful application of your license purchase.


Software license purchases should be simple, whether you need enterprise-wide access and distribution or directed and target usage options.  We can help craft a plan to get you exactly what your organization needs and will utilize.


Alpha Variance Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Services Provider (DIRECT).  We can handle all your Microsoft License requirements while offering the most competitive pricing in the industry.


As a Microsoft CSP Partner, AVS can sell a wide range of Microsoft products, services, and solutions, including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Azure


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Choose the Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner 

To implement the various Microsoft Dynamics 365 products effectively, your business needs an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. Alpha Variance Solutions not only provides licensing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 but also Full Stack Implementations & DevOps services that help your business to optimize the benefits of the ERP software.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Business

Looking to license Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business? Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a wide variety of benefits to help elevate your business’ financial performance and improve your productivity and strategic planning.

  • Automate your financial operations to create data-driven decisions that help your business to grow and improve profitability.

  • Hire and Onboard new employees in a more streamlined and efficient process to improve retention rates.

  • Develop multi-channel marketing campaigns to better interact with your market.

  • Quicker go-lives

  • Improve your customer’s retail experience with a more seamless and easy-to-use shopping experience

Alpha Variance Solutions provides simple and affordable licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 so that your business can benefit from the power of the Microsoft products.

Why Choose Alpha Variance Solutions

Our team will help your business to...

Evaluate the best Microsoft solutions for your business’ needs.


Not every organization will utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the same way. Alpha Variance Solutions can help your business to understand which solutions are best for your business in the present as well as the future so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Enhance existing solutions to improve their functionality and effectiveness.

Many partner apps provide further benefits to the capabilities of Microsoft 365 and are specific to your industry. Alpha Variance Solutions can help you to decide which apps are most effective for your business to help you achieve further success.

Stay on track with your business goals by utilizing Microsoft 365 software.


With ongoing support from our team, you can be sure that your business is on track to achieve your goals and continuously optimize your processes.

Affordable Microsoft 365 Licensing with Continuous Support 


From affordable and simple Microsoft 365 licensing solutions to implementation support and ongoing solutions, Alpha Variance Solutions is the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in the industry. Learn more about how we help businesses to benefit from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 software by contacting us today. 


Optimize your Microsoft License purchase with these ERP solutions from Alpha Variance Solutions -

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation 

Alpha Variance Solutions has experience working with companies of all sizes to help them execute customized, well-planned MS Dynamics implementation projects. Achieve long-term success when you implement your solutions correctly. 

ERP Advisory Services 

Your business needs constant monitoring and support to ensure that your ERP solutions are running efficiently and optimally. Our team helps to identify areas of weakness in your ERP solutions as well as suggest plans for implementing new software that can help take your business to the next level. 


ERP Training & Development 


Without a well-trained team, your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions can’t be implemented and executed effectively. Your employees need to be trained correctly in order to ensure that they understand the new software, the goals of the business, and the changes that are being implemented to improve productivity.



What is a Microsoft CSP Partner?


A Microsoft CSP Partner is a retailer that is given permission to sell and support Cloud-based licenses for Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure. The Microsoft CSP Program exists to provide better support for customers. Instead of Microsoft taking on the task of providing support and maintenance for their software, they outsource this task to companies such as Alpha Variance Solutions so that their customers receive the best support for their Microsoft software purchases. 


What are the different Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing options?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a group of business applications designed to improve how businesses are run. Each Dynamics 365 application works seamlessly together, but you don’t have to purchase them all. You can purchase just one, some, or all of the applications based on your business’ needs. Alpha Variance Solutions’ comprehensive license offerings guide organizations through the process of purchasing and installing Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the most cost-efficient and effective way for their business. To learn about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing options that are best for your business, reach out to the team of experts at Alpha Variance Solutions today!


Why purchase through a CSP partner rather than direct from Microsoft?


Purchasing a Microsoft license through a CSP partner means that you get more than just the license. Unlike purchasing the license directly from Microsoft, a CSP partner is able to provide professional services that help your business efficiently implement the software and ensure a smooth migration. Customers also have access to more services, solutions, and a team of experts when they purchase the license through a CSP partner, such as Alpha Variance Solutions, than when they purchase directly from Microsoft. 

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