Learn more about Credit & Collections in D365!

A deep dive into topics such as managing credit limits for your customers and performing collection activities when they become necessary.

A large part of every business is the Accounts Receivable function. The Accounts Receivable, or AR department, is where the payments from Customers arrive and get applied to revenue accounts. Occasionally, customers will become past due or exceed their stated credit limit. What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance offer to help businesses obtain their payments and reduce their risk?

Join Kelly Gustafson, Microsoft MVP, and AVS Engagement Manager, on Tuesday, August 2nd as she dives into the Credit and Collections offerings in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. She will showcase the Credit management functionality, including risk scores, temporary credit limits, and blocking rules. Likewise, she will demonstrate how to review, track, and follow up with customers when their balance is in a less than desirable place.