We are committing to Gender Equality – SDG 5

As a company, we stand for gender equality and see the need to foster diversity in the tech industry. Learn more about our efforts and commitment to SDG 5!

The fight for gender equality is all around us. Also, in the Tech industry only, around 25% of jobs are currently held by women, which is particularly bad, as it is one of the highest paying industries in the world. Quoting our President Yuanming Chu on the topic of gender equality: “(Gender) Equality should not be an issue anymore in today’s world. Sadly, it is. As the Founder and President of a Tech-Company, I have experienced the struggles of working in a male-dominated industry.”

Thus, we are committing to the UN Sustainability Development Goal 5 Gender Equality. In 2021 we were certified as a Woman-Owned Business, therefore fostering more gender equality seemed like the next natural step for us.

As a company, we believe that these actions come hand in hand with measurable, long-term, and explicit goals, while ensuring transparency and openness.

To learn more about our efforts to support gender diversity, please do not hesitate to contact us. Did the podcast sound interesting to you? Here is our first episode with Tess Chu, Director of Engineering at PayPal.