Women in Dynamics Partner Pledge

As a company, we are passionate about diversity and inclusion. Not only in our own company but also within the international Dynamics Community. By signing this partner pledge, we are showing our support in helping to achieve this goal.

In the last year, we have been certified as a Woman-Owned Business by WBENC, joined forces to meet the UN Sustainability Development Goals by committing to SDG 5 – Gender Equality, and started a podcast to promote more women in the tech industry.

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As a Microsoft Gold Partner, it is only natural for us to sign the Partner Pledge for the Women in Dynamics Association. We see it as a great addition to our fight for more gender equality in the tech industry. But not only gender equality is a subject of importance to us. It is essential and our passion to foster more diversity and inclusion. Internally as well as externally, including the international Dynamics Community.  

The Women for Dynamics Associations’ principles to achieve more equality are diverse. The first principle is that change starts with leadership. Thus, as a 100% woman-owned and led company, we are constantly fostering change. The second principle refers to acting intentionally and strategically, where employees need strategies for inclusive recruitment and career growth. Steps, we are already taking internally. To commit to SDG 5, we have stated 6 goals we are pursuing. Such as committing to a trainee program that includes at least 50% women, committing to 100% equal pay for equal work, and having at least 50% female employees by January 2023 at all levels of the organization. Last, we are committed to sharing half-year reports, where we transparently share our numbers on the different areas outlined above to show our progress and to lead by example for the rest of the industry.  

These are just a few aspirations we are constantly working towards achieving.  By signing this partner pledge, we are showing our support for fostering change and achieving the goal of gender equality in the Dynamics Community.