Microsoft CSP Partner Alpha Variance Solutions, LLC Becomes Certified NEW YORK CITY MWBE

Alpha Variance Solutions a Microsoft Certified Cloud Solution Provider, today announces its New York City certification as a minority woman owned business enterprise by the New York Small Business Services (SBS).

Yuanming Chu, President- "We are excited and proud about this next step in our growth and development plan. As we look to the future and serve the needs of businesses with socially responsible community objectives and goals". We will seek opportunities to expand our markets while remaining true to our founding principles and goals for minority and women's representation in the technology space.

Our mission and goals continue to be: to enhance opportunities for Minority and Women Owned Businesses in this space. Alpha Variance Solutions has set a standard in providing exceptional capabilities and highly competitive cloud solutions to its clients. It is from this framework that we have validated our market position and delivered solutions that have impacted our clients and their businesses.

Governor Cuomo has set the nation's highest goal for the utilization of MWBEs on New York State contracts at 30 percent and under his leadership, the rate of utilization has increased nearly every year since 2011. For the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year, the rate of MWBEs participating in State contracts increased to 27.2 percent, totaling more than $2.2 billion in State contracts. This rate of utilization not only reflects the highest percentage of State contracts awarded to MWBEs in the nation, but also the largest dollar value of contracts awarded.

"Diversity and opportunity are critical to a vibrant and growing economy, and these goals are vital to our efforts to support the business community," Governor Cuomo said. "MWBE certification opens doors and generates opportunities for businesses across the state, and this momentum will continue to ensure that these businesses are fully represented in the Empire State."

This certification further validates our business plan and will serve to encourage others to work, follow and partner with us to expand and extend minority and women's reach and create more opportunities for engagement in the technology industry.

About Alpha Variance Solutions, LLC.: Alpha Variance Solutions is a women-owned, New York City based company. Founded in 2015, after a decade of providing successful implementation services to fortune 500 clients. Alpha Variance Solutions was created to address the most common and simplest need in this industry; a partner who listens and can lead clients through a well planned and executed implementation path.

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