Asset Management vs Field Service

It’s the battle of the ages! In one corner, you have Asset management, which is a module in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM). In the other corner, you have Field Service, which is a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) product.

What benefit do these products provide to companies? Organizations that service, or provide maintenance to, equipment must consider the financial implications of what this does to their bottom line. While often seen as a cost center, properly maintaining equipment, and providing the maintenance team with the proper tools to do so, can have a greater impact on the organization, resulting in cost savings over the long term.

As many companies are looking into their digital transformation, they often do not know which solution would be a better fit for their organization. While Asset Management and Field Service have similarities, there are also key differences that make them stand apart from each other. What should an organization implement if they need to bill customers for the service work that was done? Does Asset management tie to Fixed assets? What options are there for integration for both products? Our company already has other systems in place, does one of these make sense to implement over the other? What does scheduling work orders look like? Is there a mobile app? How much do each of these solutions cost?

Join Kelly Gustafson for a live webinar on April 26th, 2022  as she answers these questions, breaks down licensing for each product and dives into the features and functionality that make Asset Management and Field Service unique.