Commerce 101 - An Introduction

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce is a solution for retailers that has an omnichannel experience, giving retailers and customers more flexibility and visibility into the shopping experience.

As the world has changed over the last several years, so has the customer experience. Online ordering with pick up in-store has become more common. The shopping experience has changed, and customers are looking for a seamless experience with a retailer, regardless of the method in which they choose to shop, whether it is online, in-store, or by ordering via phone. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce addresses these customer needs and more.

So, what is Commerce? There is a lot of terminology flying around related to Commerce in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and it can be overwhelming! In a simple search, the following words in the infographic displayed below were found. What does it all mean? Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce something that my organization can use to better serve our customers?



In Dynamics 365 Commerce, Microsoft has created an omnichannel solution built on the premise of providing a holistic shopping experience that integrates all the capabilities of your Commerce solution into the “back-office” ERP. Most commerce solutions have segregated systems, relying on integrations and manual intervention between online, in-store, and catalog ordering functionality. Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ecosystem, these capabilities are already built into the back-office ERP, and transactions are happening instantaneously, giving a comprehensive, real-time view into a customer’s history with your organization! Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can be implemented for B2B and B2C customers, making Commerce a good fit for all of your customer’s needs.

Join us on February 22nd as we explore the Commerce solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The experts at AVS will provide answers to the questions, “What is Commerce?” and “Does Commerce make sense for my organization?” We will also help define the terminology associated with Commerce and give an overview of how Commerce can be implemented within your organization.

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