SDG 17

We are committed to forming a Partnership for the Goals!

In the past six months, Alpha Variance Solutions has committed to three different Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). From gender equality to sustainable economic growth and innovation. SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals, is the next step to maximize the likelihood of a positive impact on these SDGs.

SDGs 5, 8, and 9 are the first step to become a sustainable company. But, another approach Alpha Variance Solutions will be taking is collaboration because collaboration drives system change. Different groups coming together to deliver on a common purpose foster holistic thinking. This powerful recipe’s main ingredient is diverse perspectives to develop new solutions, thus maximizing the likelihood of a positive impact on society.

Out of the various targets associated with SDG 17, Alpha Variance Solutions has chosen four different ones, which we believe to be able to have the greatest impact. As a company, we believe that these targets are accommodated with indicators, which have to be measurable, long-term, and explicitly support the goals while ensuring transparency and openness.